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APEDOS competencies



Advanced Training and senior management development are key elements for ensuring continuous business growth. APEDOS Training employs state of the art training tools to successfully develop leadership skills and foster management personalities, meeting all requirements of modern management culture.



Whether it is advanced marketing qualifications, strategic marketing, product or brand management, or accompanying implementation processes: APEDOS Training offers a complete one-stop concept for all aspects of marketing including specialized know-how for various industry sectors. Our module system of qualification measures combines theory of recent trends in marketing with a case-study approach for planning and implementing measures.



APEDOS Training specializes in innovative and success-oriented sales training for achieving the best possible impact on national and international markets. Professional trainers with personal sales experience carry out the courses to boost sales performance: Tailored to our client’s field of business, their specific conditions, and competitors and adapted to the companies situation, using the target group’s code.



True leadership has an inherent touch of charisma - sustainable personality development is the key to unlocking it. Persuasive speech, self-confident appearance, professional interaction with others, convincing media skills – elements which convey the image of a successful leader. APEDOS training’s approach goes one step further – it aims at helping you develop to be your true self, to deliberately enhance the positive aspects of your personality, to be authentic in exercising your leadership.